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You can sell your products & services, add call to action buttons such as mail signups, unlimited lead generations, downloadable business vcards, url shortener system, QR codes generator, bio links, add & upload content, integrate with social media, app opener links with more than 50+ blocks, you can create your bio link website with few clicks & easy branding customisation.

ECLECTICARDS is one of the best in the market, because it allows you to create everything with features that you need for your business all into one page without your customers needing to visit around any other website or web pages. Fast with cloud hosting, easy, & accessible to your clients. Cool, isn't it ?

While we provide several plans according to the business size, with the Enterprise Plans, we provide premium support services with a dedicated developer & a designer as per the requirements of the enterprise, For Business Plans, we provide the support of one-time simple ECLECTICARDS bio link website setup.

We provide support for all the businesses at support@eclecticards.com or you can directly connect with us by our live customer support chat.



Nidhi completed her B.E in computer engineering from University of Mumbai and has 5+ years of website & E-commerce development experience with a passion for creativity and innovation. Nidhi started ECLECTICARDS with the vision to make it easy for people to create their own websites without any coding skills or design expertise required.

She is also founder of ECLECTIC BRAINS magazine.

ECLECTIC BRAINS is a magazine with healthy, educative, eclectic & enlivening stories. ECLECTIC BRAINS mission lies with delivering high quality content & as well featuring women workforce all around the world.

"I believe that we need to break stereotypes about what girls can do or be, so I decided that one of my goals in life is to help women identify their true selves by showcasing inspirational stories of women workforce all around the world which will inspire more women to pursue their dreams & trying my best to promote women empowerment as well through ECLECTIC BRAINS magazine."

ECLECTICARDS LINK : eclecticards.com/nidhi-mehta


ECLECTIC BRAINS is the parent company of ECLECTICARDS registered under reference UDYAM-MH-18-0114711 as sole proprietorship backed by the Investor 'CHANDAN DYE CHEM CORP' (A Dyes & Chemical Company existing since 15 years.)

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