Cancellation and Refund Policy

Created on 28 February, 2022Help & Support • 1,119 views

All our clients are very important to us, that's why ECLECTIC BRAINS (ECLECTICARDS) ("Company"), has created the following Refund Policy to let You know how we handle the refunds for the services ordered and bought on our website ("Website").

The terms "You," "Your," and "Yours" refer to the entity/ person/ organization using our Website. When this Policy mentions "we", "us,", and "our" it refers to the Company and its subsidiaries or /and affiliates. The term "services" refers to any plans bought on our Website by You.

Standard Returns of Policy

There is no refund policy due to the nature of the digital service. However, you can cancel your services or delete your account anytime.

When submitting a complaint, You must indicate how You wish the claim to be resolved:

 for example: To apply a discount to the plan services (send to